Learning Adventures Begin Here!

Learn From A Certified Master Trainer!

More than the standard "Presentation" workshop, this course helps trainers develop skills that will build their self confidence and prepare them to be a better classroom leader, speaker and presenter.

Your Learning Adventure includes:

Lessons in Leadership
  • Creating your stage presence
  • Conquer your public speaking anxieties
  • Organize your message so it is crystal clear
  • Lead, facilitate and control  group discussions
  • Build a lasting rapport with your audience
  • Use visuals that support your message
  • Deliver your message through storytelling
  • Select the best openers and closers for your message
  • Principles of adult learning - simplified!
  • Assessing training needs and creating training plans
  • How to sell the need for training to stakeholders
  • Deliver less lecture using the principles of L.A.D.A.
  • 3 keys of delivering effective learning activities
  • Creating and facilitating course reviews that are fun!
  • How to avoid the 7 deadly sins of trainers
  • Strategies for dealing with difficult participants

Lead By A Certified Master Trainer!

Based on the fundamentals of my book,Great Trainers Make It Happen!, this action-packed workshop will move your training skills to new heights. All students get the opportunity to practice their new skills in an emotionally safe, encouraging environment. Your Learning Adventure includes:

Ben Olson, CP-FS

Certified Master Trainer


Facilitation Skills Training 

Making The Move From Manager to Leader!

From the pages of my latest book Lessons in Leadership, this workshop is the perfect fit for those aspiring Leaders who have been thrust into

a leadership position with little or no training. 

Your learning adventure includes:

  • Look, think and act like a Leader starting today
  • Create, develop and lead a high performing team
  • Learn how to deliver crystal-clear communications
  • Demonstrate self confidence, courage and integrity
  • Build your credibility by establishing trust
  • Lead through difficult times of change
  • Define your Leadership legacy