Coming March 2018!

Ben Olson, CP-FS

Certified Master Trainer


Coming March 2018!

Course Description

“Getting Started” is the first of three modules from the master course “Building Your Awesome Team”. In this module, you will learn how a successful leader builds the foundation of an awesome team as you actually begin the process in real time through the use of active learning methods. Between lessons, you’ll complete action assignments by applying newly acquired knowledge and skills, resulting in immediate on-the-job results.

Target Audience and Results Expectation

Designed for new and existing team leaders, students learn battle-tested interview, selection and on-boarding best practices along with enhanced coaching, training and communication skills. Using the tools, best practices and action assignments in this course, students will:

  • Develop an internal support circle to assist in building the foundation of the team
  • Significantly reduce new hire turnover.
  • Improve retention rates of new-hire team members.
  • Greatly improve their personal coaching, training and communication skills.
  • Increase team morale.
  • Develop each member of the team using the Situational Leadership model.
  • Set the stage for their personal leadership journey in the future.

Course Structure and Webinar Schedule

Five lessons are presented over a period of six weeks. The live webinars are spaced two weeks apart. This schedule allows needed time between lessons to complete the action assignments and attend coaching calls.